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SKIN CARE:  The Spa uses Eminence Organic skin care  products and Hungarian Massage techniques.  Sustainable farming and green practices create these natural, organic and Biodynamic products making your skin look and feel amazing!


MAKE-UP:  Keep the beautiful glow of your healthy skin looking its best by using Jane Iredale's Skincare Make-up.  Get the look you love without sacrificing the skin you want and without harmful toxins.  Makeup that can strengthen skin with beneficial botanicals.  Bring out your absolute best skin!


MASSAGE:  The Spa offers a wide variety of massage techniques to suit every client's needs.  Our knowledgeable Therapists can help to enhance your well-being through a variety of massage therapy methods.


*Skincare and Make-Up products are available for retail.  Find everyday needs, gifts to give and more!


Nail Services

Exceptional services to invigorate and restore the health and beauty of your nails.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish

$35 Colors
$37 French 

  Dip Powder 

$37  Colors

$40 French

Gel Polish (we use Shellac, OPI Gelcolor and The Gel Bottle) is a hybrid nail color that is designed for natural nails.  It is designed to stay on the natural nail for at least 14 days!  Like a traditional polish service, we use a base coat, 2 color coats and a top coat; but each coat is cured under an LED light.



Regular  $25
French manicure $30
Polish Change Hands  $12

Polish Change feet $18

Relax and enjoy a refreshing manicure service to give your fingernails a professional, clean and tidy look. We will trim and shape your nails and apply a top-quality professional nail lacquer or polish in your choice of rich colors and glazes.


Mini Pedicure  $35
Standard Pedicure  $55
Spa Pedicure $65
Polish Change Feet  $18

Add Gel Polish to a pedicure for $10

Pedicure services are designed to rejuvenate and beautify your feet. Experience the pleasure of a spa pedicure as we trim and shape your nails and cuticles, as well as addressing hangnails and blemishes. Finish with lacquer or polish of your choice to enhance and protect your nails.

Nail Repair and Sculpting

Nail repairs  $3

Nail trim only  $5
Your hands tend to take a lot of abuse, and it´s not uncommon for a beautiful professional manicure to be ruined by a broken nail or accidental blemish or scratch. Nail repair services are designed to repair and restore your nails after breakage or accidental abuse.

Tips with (odorless) acrylic or gel overlays

$55 is the base price of this service but may be more if you require gel polish or nail art with your new enhancements.

gel polish- add $10

nail art-add $1-2 per nail depending on the design

Tips extend the length of the natural nail (but can also be worn short!).  The nail tech will determine whether gel or (odorless) acrylic is the best enhancement for your nail type  and daily activity level.  
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Service Policy

We recommend you call 717-243-1122 or 717-245-0900 for appointments.  When there is a need to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment, please give us as much advanced notice as you can, this will ensure that we can reschedule you in a timely fashion and  we can also give your appointment slot to another client.  Appointments not canceled or not kept on a regular basis will result in full charge for that service, or pre-payment of that appointment time.